Microsoft Dynamics Crm Web Resources Updater

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Resources Updater gives you an easy way to update and publish web resources directly from Visual Studio. Add-on updates only web resources that are differ. So it takes as little time as possible to publish web resources. You can configure add-on to automatically publish just updated web resources.

The main reason this tool was created is JavaScript's development and debugging processes speed up.

What this tool do

  • Uploads web resources that are differ into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Publishes updated web resources
What this tool doesn't do
  • It doesn't create new web resource if there is not appropriate web resource for a file you want to upload. (You can do it manually because it is onetime task or take a look on XrmToolbox)

If you have any issue with addon, question or comment feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

As soon as you have add-on installed you will get two additional menu items for each project:

You have to set-up connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution you are working on before start using add-on (see Configuration Section).

To update web resources just press "Update Web Resources". Add-on will ask CRM for all web resources that belong to Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. As second step it will try to find appropriate web resource for each file from you project and if content is differ it will update it. If you configured add-on to atomically publish updated web resources, it will do it for you.

You can also publish selected web resource, to do that just right click on web resource and select "Update Web Resource":


Add-on defines web resource to be updated by comparing file name (with extension) and web resource name. Let's say we have ec_contact.js in the project. Add-on will look for a web resource with name ec_contact.js to update its content.

You can set-up tool to search web resource by file name with and without extension:

You can also use mapping file to map files in your project and web resources (see section "USING MAPPING FILE" below).

Using add-on assumes that web resources for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution you are working on are stored in separated projects. Such projects do not take part in building Visual Studio solution. Add-on enables you to configure separated connection for each project and publish web resources for each project (Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution) separately.

How to start?



To configure add-on for a project right-click on project and select "Updater Options". Following window will be opened:

Press "New connection" as shown:

Connection set-up window will be opened. Fill-in appropriate fields and press Button "OK":

As soon as you create new connection it will be listed in the grid as shown:

Select just created connection using dropdown list. Set check box if you want updated web resources to be published. Press button "Save".

That's all. Now you are ready to use add-on.

Using Mapping File

Mapping files allows having custom mapping between files in your project and web resources names. To create mapping file just press on “Create mapping File”:

New file will be added to your project. Use following syntax to define mapping:
<Mapping scriptPath="scripts\contact.js" webResourceName="new_contact"/> <Mapping scriptPath="account.js" webResourceName="new_account"/>

Source code

The source code for this extension is available on CodePlex. Feel free to take it and add stuff you're missing.



is there a way to link the update function with keyboard shortcut